Sunday, December 6, 2009

After the Rain

We drove out amidst overcast skies & light mist. Hours later, we returned in the tail end of a torrential downpour. Turning onto our street, I noticed the waterfall between the upper & lower ponds was running furiously. As soon as the rain subsided, I headed out to capture the above image. I then headed towards the larger waterfall, where the pond feeds into the lake.

The moment I passed through the forest gate, I could hear the rushing of the falls behind our home. It's surge was distinct, even over the roar of the dam. The absence of leaves makes it easier to get a shot of this, though it required some cliff climbing in the wet forest. Below is an image I think will put things in perspective & cast an idea of its size.

This is the back end of the cove. Out of view to the right are the docks & lake. It is directly behind our home, over a cliff. Except in times of drought, this waterfall can be heard throughout our home. What an amazing blessing God bestowed upon us when He blessed us with this place. So many extras we would never have dreamed to ask for....I am reminded of the scripture, "He knows our needs even before we ask."

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