Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My son saw him first. He looked out the side window & exclaimed, "There's a dog out there, mom!" Clad in a spiked collar, he was trampling the gardens, but on closer inspection, he appeared awfully thin...It even looked as though his collar was embedded. Cautiously, I went out & he came lumbering straight for me. Any fear melted away into laughter, as I saw his tongue lolling out in goofy glee. He was hand-shy, but sooo wanted to be loved ! Though bigger than Juliette, the enormity of his paws let us know his puppy age.... & he wasn't just wagging his tail, he was wagging fully half of his body. It didn't take him long to muster his courage & come to us. The way he bounds around joyfully, we started calling him Bounder. He instantly answered to it.

We fed him & Tom put out a blanket in the carport. When it went below freezing, London was allowed to bring him in "for the night"...that was over a week ago... We keep asking aloud, "Wherever did you come from?" & ""What are you doing HERE?".
Amazing sense of humor & abounding love, God is ever mindful of us & answers our prayers... even when what we need is simply a temporary distraction. We are under such a stressful time in our lives right now, but God saw fit to send us TONS of sloppy-puppy-kisses & laughter ...

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