Friday, April 30, 2010

Selective Memory

No longer welcome where once I watched, I sat on the corner of the pond up near my home. It was still quite dark & the bare, street light, once hidden in a tangle of trumpet-flower vines, glared overhead. I peered into the darkness across the shore, but the bench could not be seen. My best images of it are in my heart, but it is vaguely seen to the right of the swing in this shot.
Alone this morning, I could have easily slipped over undetected. I chose to stay where I was & lose myself in happy memories. For many years, & across all seasons, I sat on the bench praising, praying, visiting & of course, fishing with my son. It was a favorite place for me to watch God paint the morning sky, His colors mirrored on the water. My final memory there was shared, morning laughter over warm, blueberry muffins & coffee. What fondness this memory brought to me as my heart returned to those times!...It briefly crossed my mind that I had been chased away so much, this could not have possibly been my last time there...I chose -quite purposefully- however, to rewrite history & leave my final moment there, with a beloved friend...
How poignant & ironic that upon my return from work this evening the familiar railroad-ties were gone. How amazing that the Lord should draw me over for the last sunrise the bench would see.

Out of the Blue

I used to write here so regularly that I often found my own inner musings in blog form. Somewhere I stopped "thinking in blog" & of course, posting at all. Even when asked, I posted a half-hearted note or 2. I used to awake with praise songs in my mind & heart but that, too all but ceased.
I went to bed last night with the sound of deforesting rounding the corner & a heavy heart. This morning, I awoke well before 5, fully alert & with a song of worship heavily upon me. For the first time in months, I headed down to the pond. The song I carried with me was an angsty, pleading, crying out to my Lord, knowing He is with me, even when I feel alone. I next made my way down to the lake, where I have recently resumed watching. I found my heart full of blogs as well as full of praises. I don't make any promises, but I may be back.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brown Bear Brawl

We so loved the huge habitats the animals have at the Riverbanks Zoo. We were so blessed to see the bears arise from the afternoon nap in the sun. The first one up made sure the other was awake and soon they set about playing.

We watched for over an hour as they wrestled & played. We thought they were trying to push each other into the water, but they remained on solid ground. It was a time of sheer delight for everyone around.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tiny Treasures

I came across an empty box that told me I had put in 6 Grecian Windflowers. I have always thought how lovely they are & wondered where I had planted them. The next day, I spied one next to the back door. The flower dwarfs the plant which is but an inch tall. In the following days, the other tiny treasures have come out. I just love bulbs ! They symbolize new beginnings, patience, & delightful surprises.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Titanic Week

In July, we always appreciate watching "Shark Week". This spring break London & I fell asleep to the movie, "Titanic" every night. My soundtrack is inaccessible & it is wonderful music to drift off to. I took this shot of London in the aquarium building at the Riverbanks zoo. It reminds me of some alien hibernation egg sack. It has been said that he looks asleep in a submarine's window.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Hallelujah!

Send Jeannine to the big zoo, out of town & what does she take pictures of? All sorts of flora & fauna ! (What else?) I will post images of bears & giraffes another time, but isn't this just a beautiful song of Easter Praise !?! Hallelujah !