Sunday, February 7, 2010

Caramel Currents

In recent weeks we have gone from a frozen, blue lake to raging, caramel waters. We have seen spring days & torrential rains, followed by an ice storm, spring again, a "wintry mix", & a return to spring rains & flooding. We anticipate the lake's activity by the weather in the mountains, as well as our own precipitation.

Twice, the lake waters flowed over with such force that the dam itself was not visible. The raging currents beneath were ferocious, as they thrashed the rocks on shore, hurricane-style. I once read, "do something scary every day". This was on my mind as the wind whipped my cape around me & I peered through my lens high atop the raging waters. The bridge trembled & shook under me as traffic flew by. The whole experience was incredibly invigorating!... so much so that I did it in the second flood, too !

The trees barely discernible in the shadows of the above pictures are normally on shore. Though not one of my favorites, I post this last image because my brother gasped in amazement & simply stared at it in wonder.

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