Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Ever Wonder? I Do!

While many were still wondering if winter would ever end, I spied God's handiwork of new life beginning. I have been watching the slow growth of the buds on the lilacs, & the labor pains of the soil as growth erupts from beneath. Enveloped in icy casings, I watched the buds of spring leaves stay strong through a late, winter roar. I noticed the beavers had gotten cabin fever & emerged from some preliminary work. I saw the robins amassing & heard the return of the ovenbirds & wrens...along with countless others.

The blossoming of spring bulbs has ushered in a new excitement, but in ways it is bittersweet. The winter lines of the forest, which I cherish so greatly, are already changing form. Their buds are altering them & I cherish these last days of far-off views & our Creator's amazing handiwork of branch & tree...Just as so many of His blessings that we take for granted, they will soon be covered for a time. It isn't until the waning of winter that they are seen to their fullest, as the early winds of spring clear out the autumn leaves that have hung in place. I especially enjoy the forest in the moonlight.

I was reminded this evening, how so many of God's amazing, artistic touches go unseen, though constantly renewed before our eyes. There is such an abundance of creative treasures...touches of "The Master's Hand"...that people become blind to them. They are dismissed as "ordinary". So many people forget to "wonder"...Perhaps, as the new life of spring erupts around you, you will allow yourself to pause....and get lost in many moments of wonderment!

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