Friday, April 30, 2010

Out of the Blue

I used to write here so regularly that I often found my own inner musings in blog form. Somewhere I stopped "thinking in blog" & of course, posting at all. Even when asked, I posted a half-hearted note or 2. I used to awake with praise songs in my mind & heart but that, too all but ceased.
I went to bed last night with the sound of deforesting rounding the corner & a heavy heart. This morning, I awoke well before 5, fully alert & with a song of worship heavily upon me. For the first time in months, I headed down to the pond. The song I carried with me was an angsty, pleading, crying out to my Lord, knowing He is with me, even when I feel alone. I next made my way down to the lake, where I have recently resumed watching. I found my heart full of blogs as well as full of praises. I don't make any promises, but I may be back.

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