Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Tenants

The day I was to see my sleep doctor I didn't have energy for much of anything. I sat on the deck & watched a pair of our wrens build a nest 9' away from me. Babies themselves, they are among those who were raised in our carport. They built their nest in a basket of geraniums, 30" from our sliding door. It is but 42" off the ground. The male was very timid & took many,many attempts before he would take his gatherings to the job. Momma was much more confident, though she did peek out at me while she worked.

I thought they had given up on the project, once they realized what a high traffic area it is. Yesterday my brother saw them adding to the nest again. Today, a friend of mine discovered a tee-tiny, speckled egg. NowI understand momma's urgency. Hopefully, the parents will return to tend it. (In this last image, you can still see baby spots on it's breast).

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  1. Could they BE any cuter? Great pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.