Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Silence is...?

Last week, I had for the most part, 4 days of "silent retreat". It was so spiritually renewing. This is the forest scene I beheld as I enjoyed the soothing, therapy of maintaining the pool. It was peaceful, save for the incessant cries of a young hawk atop the tallest tree. Anxious either to be fed, or to be free of it's parental shackles,it's cry punctuated the forest. Once, I nearly found myself cursing the disruption. I caught myself however, knowing that very soon he would travel on to claim his own territory. That very afternoon, I gazed in awe as his momma, (who I have named Sienna) took him on his first open-air flight. They repeatedly flew low over our forest home. I also watched as she tutored him in the art of hunting. Throughout the following days, this pattern was repeated, until now the nest is silent~~~
HA ! HA! As I wrote that last line, the familiar cry of an adult streaked through the sky. It was My Girl, with the missing feather. She & her mate,are making their afternoon hunt~~~ right on time !

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