Monday, July 27, 2009

Night Lights

My spirit rails against leaving home. I just hate to leave, but I love being away & travelling. The night before I left for D.C., I was anxious. My husband had rearranged his backyard lighting & I decided to relax in the pool. I turned on all the floating, colored lights, including a new one that spouts a colored fountain 18" high. I also lit the torch, to keep insects at bay. I called up to my husband, "Oh, pool boy ! This would be even more wonderful with a fruity, wine cooler.... in the fancy, [tacky], flowery, pineapple cup...." My wish was granted. I floated and relined, with the colored lights playing on my closed eyelids. The cicadas & frogs sang for me. The fireflies twinkled through my drifting lids. It was all good.

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