Monday, May 17, 2010

Carried Up

It crept in slowly & insidiously, consuming my joy as it ate away my options. The stuff of this world had stolen in & before I knew it, I was overtaken by "the giant that is made of shadows." I shut down...closed off. Those who knew me, lightly attributed the cause to this or that; but there were deeper storms raging inside the bubble I had built. I see more clearly now how it was a spiritual battle.
One-on-one time with my Saviour enabled Him to chip away at my bubble & I began to heal. When my ability to carry the burdens of others was restored, I could see how my self-absorption had severed lifelines I may have thrown to those drowning nearby. Though I worshiped & prayed, I was cut off from the suffering around me. In the midst of my own darkness, prayer for others connected me & carried me up, even when I lacked the energy or desire to do so.

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