Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peeking Around the Corner

I have been merely noticing from afar, rather then closely watching. As the red, "spring-break," flowers of the forest bloomed cheerily in my forest yard, I simply gazed upon from high aloft. Life has had a way of imposing itself on my serenity of late.
While walking up the street one morning, something brilliantly contrasted against the corner brick caught my eye. The owner is one who watches from her front porch & she had not yet spied them. Days later, when I returned for a closer look, through my lens, she still hadn't made her way 'round from her perch. When I made my way closer, I was met with an unusual treat, rather than the kind I had expected. I was reminded anew of the glorious embellishments God provides for those who pause long enough to notice. I am striving to return to that way of seeing.

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