Monday, May 10, 2010

Of What Value?

I once spent countless, predawn hours in prayer for the pond side of the neighborhood. Life has buffeted me around until I slowly withdrew my presence. My prayers diminished & finally ceased. It is too painful for me to go there. At the request of neighbors I returned.
Though it was a cool, early morning, the barren red earth & twisted trees glared at me as in mid-day heat. For the sake of "bringing up property value" a once serene, life-filled, habitat has become a barren wasteland. I wanted to turn back, for this is what had driven me away, but my prayers had been requested & I begrudgingly continued. As my feet stepped from the bulldozed tracks, I crossed into another time & place. Grass & wildflowers grew under my feet. I was surrounded by lush foliage, wildlife, peace & an amazing quiet. I stepped back into the clamoring starkness & glare, then back into the serenity. I did that many times, amazed at the transformation within & around.

Many find value in sod, sidewalks & streetlights, while others find value in that which is seen only by careful watching. Some build up their treasures on earth, while I remind myself I am not of this world. My home is the Kingdom of God, where neither moth nor rust, nor even bulldozers will destroy my treasure. The lake is becoming walled & sodded. When the bulldozers have completed their decimation, & have "won", peace will remain elusive. I return to pray that they may surrender their lives to the Creator & Giver of peace, Jesus, the Christ. Selah!

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