Saturday, May 15, 2010

It Takes Three

White oaks are very significant to my husband & I in many ways. When we met with the artist who would sculpt our wedding rings she told us oaks symbolize strength & longevity... yet another reason to have a pair of them circling our fingers as we prepared for our marriage. "The 5th generation jeweler told us, "I prefer to make wedding rings in sets of 3. It takes 3 to make a strong marriage: the man, the woman, & God". We were in & they were cast with 3 leaves for each of us.
Many couples set out on their own in marriage only to encounter seemingly overwhelming troubles. They find themselves wondering what went wrong. Though they may have started out as a union of 3, they slowly allowed God to be pushed out until His presence faded, along with their commitment to one another. It is easy to say, "life without God isn't the cause of our troubles." Inviting Him back may seem ethereal, but He is waiting to return & help rebuild... but, He has to be asked.

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