Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where's the Bobber?

I sat on the dock, catching a gentle breeze, while my son was fishing. We laughed recalling a sign which read, "Fishing: if it was easy, it'd be called catching". He cast his line towards the cove opening, set it on the dock & began the climb up to the house for his net. Without journal or sketch pad, my eyes wandered amidst the forest sounds. I glanced over & wondered, "Where's the bobber?" I picked up the ultralight & clicked the reel. A white flash revealed the quickest glimpse of the float, before it disappeared once more. A large-mouth bass had taken it out into open waters & blessedly, my son had not set the bail. I called to my son who yelled back, "Do I have to come back down?!" "Yes ! I can't reel any slower". I was able to bring it in & keep it on the hook, enabling my son to land it. What a funny treat ! On that day, "WE" caught a fish as a team & it was "easy"!

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