Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thorns & Mirrors

Sometimes life feels like the bad ending of a good movie. It would have been altogether different had those I placed my trust in done the right thing…or, at least if they had not remained focused on themselves. Where is the justice? What do I tell my child? Does anyone have integrity these days? I cry out, “My God ! My God! ” It amazes me that He who has the whole universe to run hears my pleas & my anguish. In gratitude, I approach the Throne. I am once again, reminded how I often I let Him down… The flaws I am so angered by in others are my very own. I must turn & tend to the log in my own eye … and I must learn to forgive as He has forgiven. As he hung dieing, His final thoughts were of me. His final words were a petition of forgiveness for those who put him there! How can I so readily point the finger at those who would persecute me, when Jesus died for them?
Following Christ is not an easy journey. The Bible reminds me that I do not travel alone. He accompanies & strengthens me for that which I know I must do…

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