Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Energizing Light

Tom & I arranged things so that I could come home to an empty house. I needed some time for reflection. After a 10 hour day I wanted to nap...but I mustered my energy & began to wander...& wander some more, until I found myself sitting on the dock after the sun had dropped. My beloved Juliette & I cuddled while we watched the evening show.
I saw some "pinwheels" in the water. They are made by front & back ends of a fish in motion. Sometimes they become 2 vortexes rather than a pinwheel. A male cardinal shrieked an alarm & the pair took off in the amber light. I noticed the steep ridge up to my home was aglow in golden light. The lake was mirror smooth, save for the occasional rings of fish nibbling & jumping. I watched as different groups of geese & ducks made their way across the skies, literally heading south. A lone duck made one last loop around the cove & headed back up-river. The bats came out, swooping so low that I could hear the flap of their wings. They looked rosy when the light caught them just right. I watched as a bat made several swipes across the lake, leaving a wake...taking a drink? I suppose they have to get liquid somewhere. The birds grew silent, the last squirrel scurried up to his nest above me, & the insects began their night song.
I returned home past dark & found myself rejuvenated & awake. I also discovered a spray of flowers, a gift & a card from my beloved husband...on the occasion of our 18th anniversary. The best gift of all, however was the gift of some time on the mirrored lake.

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