Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend of Wonders

When I finally arrived home Friday, it was dusk. I climbed out of my car & headed for the trash can. The recycle bin stood between & directly before me. Without warning, a black shadow leapt up, literally causing me to cry out in alarm. He had been completely hidden inside the bin as he licked at the empty cans of soup. Young, hungry & alone, he slept in our carport that night. Little did we know, he had finally found his home. Investigation with neighbors concluded that he was dumped off up on the highway. Long story, short: brother Wesley has a new puppy! How hilariously joyful it is to watch this one bound around & make friends !...So uplifting !!! A new, next-door neighbor !

We said farewell to soccer season & basketball season began. The sky was rich, "Carolina Blue" & dappled with large, cummula-cirrus clouds. Above shows the backdrop for the first practice. Needless top say, I had a difficult time watching my son play...Bit, I did some hawk watching, while below & out of this shot, geese & ducks honked away!!!

I went to my first pig-picking. A woman clad in prison tattoos & I watched the sun & clouds as they changed colors. Many people may have avoided her because of her looks, but she witnessed to me. We gazed out over the pond, watching the "long light" of evening play on the leaves. As I pointed out the changing hues she repeatedly pointed to the clouds & dreamily said, "THAT ! Is a little piece of what heaven's going to be like". Hallelujah!

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