Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pre-Dawn Sky

It was a crystal clear morning & the stars shone brightly above the silhouetted forest. Orion stood watch overhead, the pleides were visible & stars all around were arrayed in varying hues. Suddenly, the western sky lit up as though a flash of lightening. The dark forest was silhouetted against the light & fully 40% of the sky lit up...twice!! I waited for the report, but no sound followed. I simply heard the sound of distant dog to the west & the splashing of the waterfall.An opossum or raccoon made his way through a nearby tree. I checked the time: 6:02. There was no point in looking further. Something like that wouldn't repeat. My eyes adjusted to the dark once more & to my amazement a shooting star darted across thew sky, directly overhead! What a blessed way to start my day !!!

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