Saturday, October 17, 2009


The fields & forests are full of whites & golds. The trees are beginning to show God's autumnal painting hues & it's the season to pet bumblebees. I was so happy that my son remembered that.

I have written before of the "troop movements" of the blackbirds. I was able to share one such moment with my brother the other day. The image doesn't do any sort of justice. We stood on my deck & the trees were literally filled with them...constant motion...hundreds chittering & calling as they came in droves, from tree to tree. This one lasted 20 minutes & we stayed for the entire show.

The geese are beginning to travel in groups across the skies. I caught this one at a soccer game. For years a pair of Canadians have over-wintered at the pond around the corner. They make daily trips across the skies to a small lake next to our church. We know it is the same pair & I think that is awesome! Every year they show up & stay just a bit too long. There is always a time when I begin to wonder if they will stay on...and a shortly after, they take off. So many changes have occurred so quickly at the little pond, I wonder if they will return. This last year, they had offspring for the first time. Perhaps that has changed their habits. It occurs to me, that just as I always wonder if they will stay, I always wonder if they will I will keep watching & listening for the " kids'" return...

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