Saturday, October 3, 2009

Introducing Spot

I used to keep upwards of 5 aquariums of fish. Over the years, that has dwindled to one 50 gallon tank & I recently gave that away. It has been replaced by the gift of a 29 tall, which is better suited for us. We made a big occasion of our outing, but at last the day came. We returned home with 3, tiny, angel fish, 1 pleco & mommy's old favorite, a deep, blue beta which we added to our remaining pims.

The (hideously ugly) albino frogs, P.J. & D.J., have passed on & we also returned with Spot, a fire-bellied toad. London filled out his first official, triplicate paperwork & as the cashier rang us up, Spot could be seen in his container, trying to climb up. Dallying around in her purse, the woman ahead of us asked if he should have hands. I looked at London, then to the cashier, who picked up the phone as she cast me a panicked look. The swat team from the fish department arrived promptly, retrieved Spot & disappeared in a whirlwind. They returned with the manager who apologetically told us that we could not buy Spot, as he was considered, "damaged"...We could however, adopt him for free. In a pleading tone, London cried out, "We just have to adopt him! Who else would take a toad without hands?!?!!!" Spot now resides in the last of our "guest tanks". Jumping & climbing with great ease, he remains unaware that he is "damaged". We love watching him leap on unsuspecting crickets, who vanish before our eyes. Great fun!

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