Friday, March 20, 2009

Walking in a Cloud

After several days of overcast skies and steady rain, I awoke the other morning to a dense and glorious fog! Fog forces the eye to look carefully. There is a magic to peering intently into fog and finding hidden treasures tucked away in the colors of the mist. I even found a blessing in the neighbors' security lights. Typically glaring through the trees, they were warm glows of light, reminiscent of van Gogh. Reflecting off of the pond, they accented the thick air. Best of all, the half-moon shone, veiled and muted. The mist was amazingly heavy and I could actually feel it truly was walking in a cloud!
I checked out the moon behind my favorite moon-rising pine and over the usual back forest trees...But, I found an awesome new image! I positioned myself behind a mosaic of lacy, delicate branches, where the moon was cradled between the oak and the lesser pine. I stood and gazed for...well, I can't possibly say, but it was glorious ! A new memory image~ one of those images that cannot be captured on film, but is only for the film of the soul. I have come to treasure and rely on such special, even sacred images~ the ones no lens can capture save for that of spirit, of heart, of soul. Such images lift me when I need them, comfort, inspire and encourage me at other times. As the light began to creep up, the fog took on somewhat of a "midnight~violet" as to almost grasp. What a great way to start a day! At times like this, it is hard not to feel like God has made it just for me, though it is for all who care to pause and watch.... He has added the tiniest of beautiful touches to the grand design and I feel so much closer to Him to discover such treasures.... That is why I watch and watching is when I listen best.....I wonder how many people just saw the fog as a nuisance to drive in......

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