Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still watching

(I am sorry for the break. The blog site has had some problems, but I found a way around that text problem. If you didn't get a chance to read the last one, please do. It is very meaningful to me.)
Let me tell you about today: I awoke early to watch what is perhaps the last sliver of moon rise over the forest....I suppose tomorrow morning, it will be "gone"...It was amazing to see this tiny shard blend in and out of the morning light, like some kind of heavenly camouflage !!!!
On the way in to work, I passed two wild, Tom-Turkeys. They were in a grassy meadow next to a church...to see their posture, and the way they looked back and forth, it was as though they were waiting for a light to change....very wise, indeed !!! Perhaps Ol' Ben Frankiln knew what he was talking about to have them as our national bird....or perhaps, he was predicting the future?
Keep checking in as I have some fabulous images from my weekend of "watching"!!

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