Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Pair !!

Through the grace of a borrowed cord, I was able to upload over a month's images from my little camera...over 2000 pix & vids !!!!!

It was quite a process, but I found a FABULOUS quote that I want to share :

"We of artistic bent find our selves often dancing frantically enraptured by the music only we can hear , as we are caught up in the joy of making something beautiful ,we break our zenlike focus,and realize that others are staring at us. Look at them and ask them can you hear that muslc? If they say no ,whisper under your breath, "you poor b*st*rd!", and then without hesitation tune back into that music and dance with abandon!"

I was so moved!! It so truly resonated with me !!! I was at one with the writer and he with me !!!! I read it to Tom and asked if he knew whoever had written was, of course him !!!!! No wonder we make such a pair !!!!!

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