Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stealing Moments

This weekend did not go at all as I had planned.It was busy with "had-to's" rather than relaxing, reflecting and creating.....but I managed to steal time to collect some images...I spent about an hour inside of daffodils....did you ever notice all the wonderful thought and care our Creator put into the smallest of details !?! How many people would ever truly look in there?!? The Bible says that "not even a sparrow falls" that He does not see and care....Perhaps such beauty is for the hummingbirds & butterflies & bees.....I gazed at this view for a heavenly escape! ......"how much more must He care for us", His beloved children and heirs to His kingdom !!!!

I so miss when the red-tailed hawks nested across the cove from our home!! This last week, I have been watching a new hawk. He has been around most days. I so yearn for him to move in, but am pleased that he has chosen our retreat as his hunting grounds. I managed to steal some alone time out back....Several times, I watched this red-shouldered wonder soar at, or just above, eye-level. I watched as he landed atop on old oak, where he sat and groomed himself....about eye level with my view. I spent over a half an hour watching his every move, gazing in wonder through binoculars.

Later that morning, I walked into my kitchen and discovered that the goldfinches return earlier in the season than I had realized. My feeder is about 10 inches from the glass over my counter. As I went to the window to check out this young male, he turned to check me out !!!!

Later, in the evening, I was settling in on the deck, when I heard a famiilar rustle of leaves. I knew right away that it was "Pat". We checked each other out for about 40 minutes...we have grown accustomed to each other over the last few years. We often look curiously at each other, for a few minutes. Her attention has never lasted this long. Even though the image is grainy, I couldn't resist putting my camera on digital zoom....(I just HAVE TO get my good camera fixed!! Then I would have some worthy hawk pix to share, as well!)

Even though it was a busy time, I was able to steal moments to get away from the world and bask in the richness of God's creations for awhile....what a great way to escape!

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