Saturday, March 21, 2009

Farewell Winter

This evening I reacquainted myself with watching the day. Not that I haven't all along, but today it was different. At 7 p.m., I had the house to myself for a short while. The roads were strangely quiet and it felt like the comfort of my morning time, yet with the glistening sunlight reflecting onto my face from below.
Last autumn, I had somewhat looked forward to to my winter hibernation, or as I often call it, "my cacooning". I had also somewhat feared it, reticent to give up the long, glorious days of color. I guess I should have known from those mixed feelings that it would be a season for self-nurturing and growth for me. Not only did I adapt to the long, dark hours, but with my candle-lit morning time, I would say I fully embraced it. I suppose it is time to come out into the sun. Am I really prepared for the day? Am I ready to bloom as an artist?
Last summer, I relished the long hours of daylight~watching the sun glitter off of the lake onto my face & on my eyelids as I lounged in the pool. It is hard to imagine pool-time again....deck time has already begun by fires' glow with family and friends & a hot dog cook-out with strawberry smores! A new fire-pit replaces the much cherished chiminea as a symbol of new beginnings with the familiar comforts of home.
On this vernal equinox, the daylight hours are marching forward and so I follow. I need to savor these remaining, mornings of darkness, stealthily walking the neighborhood's shadows and gazing at stars and cozying up in candlelight. Last autumn, I could not imagine the bareness of trees...and now I shall long for the images of their refined sculpture. The mornings will grow longer and the hours of darkness shorter. It will happen slowly and I "do change slowly" it will all be, as usual "All good".