Friday, March 20, 2009

Mood Enhancement

I don't think a living soul could not at least chuckle to see a lop bounding across the house !!! In theory, my son received this girl for his 8th b.d....but she has become mine. We rescued her from an outdoor, caged life in MD. She now resides with us in our home... She is so content and happy. When she is caged, she usually sleeps on her back, paws up..looking like much like an ex-rabbit...a rabbit "who has ceased to be".... More often than not, she is bounding around our home and seeking affection. Who knew a bunny could be so warm and sweet?!

I have battled clinical depression for many years and one of my best counter-measures is "bad, British pop"...brilliant in it's badness and it's mass appeal! When I am in a funk, there is nothing quite like, "Spice Therapy". It is impossible to be down when listening to the Spice Girls. I have been ill for the past few days and seeing a lop hop across the room, or dash laps around the cat, claiming him for her own is just hilarious and a great mood enhancer !!!

Now on my 3rd rabbit (the others were years ago), I have noticed something and tied it in with people I have known.....whenever I change out her litter box, she immediately goes to the bathroom and sits on her creation....have you ever met people like that? I now call people who are not happy unless they are sitting in the middle of a self-made mess, "a lop of a person".

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