Friday, March 27, 2009

Jesse & Vic's Garden

The combination of vivid, red tulips and bright, yellow daffodils take me thousands of miles away to the Cahill's "back garden" in Kenington, Oxfordshire, England. Those were among the first blossoms to burst forth the spring I was there. Joining them were "polyanthas", or what my momma calls, "primrose". This year, in my late winter bulb-buying excursion, I splurged on 5 polyanthas, as well. They were so lovely in our home...they moved with me from art table, to kitchen to living room. (Yes, it is all the same room). I carried them to wherever I was at the moment to more fully enjoy their bloomtime. How wonderful !!! I also purchased some more tulips this year, purple and red, along with 8 blue, hyacinths. I picked some of our yellow daffordils and placed them near the polyanthas and red tulips ! As I sipped my Oxford-blend, "white tea", I almost felt that I was back on the couch in their kitchen, watching the garden come to life.

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