Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Found a Secret !

I FOUND IT ! Not a very clear image. I have better, but this tells of it's shape. Though opossums prefer to live in a pre-made burrow, they will inhabit an old squirrel nest...and apparently ours have.
We have had opossums living in the side forest as long as we have been here and I have been searching for their nest for a few years. Apparently, I was just stopping short. It is on the back-side of a tree, surrounded by kudzu vines on the far side of the forest. I hope we get to see the babies out this year!

(By the way, there IS a difference between "opossum" and "possum"... an Australian man, named a similar Aussie marsupial, "possum" after our "opossum". He altered the name to distinguish between the two.)

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