Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bend or Break?

We go along on our path in life, seemingly oblivious to the blessings we have. Little things like socks on the floor and dishes in the sink nag at us….We fail to be grateful that we have people in our lives to leave them around…until we get side-swiped by tragedy:
a job is lost~
a car overturns and a loved one dies~
hospice is called in for a parent~
the house is foreclosed on~
a child has cancer~
someone makes a horribly irrevocable choice and families crumble….
Suddenly, we sit on the side of life’s road, numbed by a loss of that which we once took for granted. Life has become surreal and we long to wake up from what surely must be a “never-ending” nightmare…an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. We long for the socks and dishes to call out once again, but they have been silenced….
And finally the tears come, welling up from our soul in a wordless agony. It is at times like these that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us, translating the “moanings and groanings” of our suffering.
When doors that have always been open suddenly slam shut and we are faced with forever-changed lives, we must choose between despair and searching for an open window…some other way out of the nightmare and back into our real life…It is then, we find ourselves at the foot of the cross. Do we bend or do we break? We must choose between despair and looking up~ to Him…a God and Savior who knows our deepest pains and our every need. He will guide us through the next doorway, and onto new paths.
My family and I are fine. We are cherishing our time together and counting our blessings. For my cherished friends, I do what I know to do: I am on my knees with the other Prayer Warriors, doing what I can to uplift and sustain you in your time of tragedy. To everyone:
Skip the dishes~
Hug your babies~
Pamper your pet~
Gaze in wonder at your loved ones asleep~
Tell them how much they mean to you…Take nothing for granted and look to the cross. He died for ALL of us. He died for YOU!

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  1. Neen. I truely enjoy your blog and seeing things through your eyes. Some days you are just what I need and today and this entry was good for me. On Sunday at our church we were talking of the new series they are starting, Live like you were dying, the song they played I fell in love with and thought of you. I don't know if this link will work but its worth a shot http://media.palmvalley.org/easter/01%20More.mp3 OR you can go to my church's website and find it there. I'm looking forward to their new series - its just what you were writing here. http://www.palmvalley.org/
    Many thanks and blessings to you and yours.

    Laurie & fam in AZ