Thursday, April 9, 2009

Night Lights

Yesterday, I awoke to what appeared to be a beacon shining into my was, of course, the nearly full moon. I arose and went outside to watch her set. The pre-dawn hours were unusually quiet as a frigid night had silenced even the peeps.
The moon shone as a luminous pearl and slowly transformed into a fiery ball. The very moment the moon's actual rays disappeared into but a rosy glow, the darkness erupted in a chorus of morning song. The birds had awakened to welcome the new day.
It was still a long while until sunup and I came up with a delightful way to start my day: I started a fire in our new pit. I cannot remember the last time I was warmed by a fire that was just for me. What a treat!! I literally spent hours breaking tinder and stoking the flames. I am planning to paint images of fire and so I lost myself in the lens attemting to capture the elusive, ever-moving flame and smoke. They look much alike when caught still. It is amazing the shapes, forms and even visions to be seen in still flame. (Watch for some amazing images in the future.)
As the darkness gave way to early morning light, I moved from one end of the deck to the other. I watched as the morning star faded and God alit the sky with roses and mauves, fading into the full light of blue sky and sunshine. He is so amazing!!

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