Friday, April 10, 2009

"Good" Friday

This is my most meaningful day...I arose and headed for the lake. The birdsong enveloped me as the full moon set in the early dawn light. Long before the moon had lowered below the tree line it's orb was within their reflection.
The lake was as still as I have ever seen it...a great time to watch for the beavers' last frolics before he heads home to sleep. The new hawk flew across and landed in his preening tree. I heard a familiar chatter and the kingfisher alit in a tree just across the landing. I saw the beavers' wake, and those of the fish that scattered before him. The kingfisher went for his aim, and hit right in front of the beaver and I. It was seemingly obscured by the tiny ends of a draping maple tree piercing the surface. It was only when I put my head near water-level that I could see how still the surface truly was.
A familiar call and I saw the 2 Canadians fly overhead, on their way to the lesser lake. I heard the blue heron in his glide along the far shoreline. The sky was clear while I wrote out my abundance of blessings. The sun rose behind me, turning the small wisps of clouds into a rich and lustrous pink above me. A family of swallows chased away a crow. A blue jay squawked as he flashed in front of me and landed in a branch. It was glorious, but it was time to head back. I had been out for over 2 hours.

With fresh coffee, I perched on a rock higher up and read the different accounts of Jesus' betrayal and arrest. I have a book called, "On a Friday Noon" that is a collection of writings and art of Jesus' sacrifice. I meditate with it annually on this day. I was lost in my Lord's sacrifice when a roll of thunder called my attention. As I had perched on my rock, pondering Golgotha, the sky had darkened and it was beginning to rain. Thunder rolled and lightening was beginnning to strike. It truly gave more meaning to the biblical account of this day, so long ago. I pray that this will be a meaningful day and season for you as we honor a day to praise Him for His sacrifice.

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