Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reaching Up

This morning, I awoke to a light fog. As I went outside to my praise rock, I was struck by the vertical lines in the side forest.
When we first moved down here, our picture window was filled with a mountain though it were a picture-window-sized painting of a mountain.Some folks saw the "antenna farm" on top...but I saw the mountain. We later moved to this home where we have a view of the lake. Our power lines, run behind the houses here.Some folks see the power lines, while others do not notice them until they are pointed out to them.
When I gaze upon the side forest, I typically focus on the irregular, gnarled and twisted branches. The variety that our Lord has rendered. This morning, I saw the trunks as I never had before.It was as though, on this eve of Palm Sunday, they were all reaching anew to the very heights of heaven. Rejoice! The King is arriviing!

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