Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making Lemonade

London's first baseball game was WAY out in the far out, that by the time we found it, it was matter: Wrong teams, anyway!! SO we deicded to "make lemonade" and hit a bunch of "country yard sales"...found some very funky stuff, too.
On our way home, I saw it and shrieked, "please, please, please! We have to go back! I have been waiting for weeks for the wisteria to bloom...not only is it in bloom back there, but it is on an old abandoned house!" Tom and London knew better than to argue with me on something like that....("happy wife, happy life")The house had peeling, white paint and the porch roof was collapsing on both ends. Wisteria vines covered the front of the house and the crumbling, brick chimney. The porch was askew with items as though a fast exit had occured...mystery and intrigue! An overturned chair, empty wooden boxes.....the blinds were up at angles, but the glass was all in tact....the screen door was ajar next to an old wall phone...right there on the front porch...ah, those were the days !!!!
Tons of images later, we were on our way home to grilled cheese sandwiches and fun at home.....I hope to make it back this weekend to see and smell more blossoms!!!...maybe even ask around for some local stories.... Or leave it a mystery...I love to make up stories of houses I pass by....

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