Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is "Burnt"...not to be confused with Bert, from Sesame Street. London named him. He is the target of torture. I was a bit concerned, but have been told that boys tend to set aside one toy that is such a target. I have asked a large number of men and most eagerly expound fondly and in vivid detail all about their "special" toy of destruction. Burnt has been frozen in blocks of ice, lashed to railings for days on in end, in all seasons. He has been left on the roof in summer heat and thunder storms. He has been strapped to CO2 propelled cars and raced down school halls. He has been spiked on fishing hooks and used as bait, wrapped in duct tape, buried in mud...you get the idea. In this picture, Burnt is locked between my classroom doors. Presently, he has one arm that is attached with duct tape and the other is in a drawer somewhere. He is perched on a top shelf in London's room, peering down from the heights of peril.
Sigh !....He also has an "Extreme [Girl] Doll"...a little Bratz doll. She sits on death row awaiting death by explosion....Ah, boys !!!!

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