Monday, April 6, 2009

Candle's Glow

Candle time is slowly drifting from early mornings to late evenings. What fabulous childhood memories for London! The enveloping warmth of candle glow has become such a way of life for me. It is a wonderful way of nurturing my spirit and my creativity. What had been a way to ease myself into the day, is becoming a way to gently soothe my spirit before I settle into the comforting arms of my husband for the night.
A few weeks ago, while Tom worked late, London had a sleep-over, here. The 2 boys played outdoors as night fell. Reluctant to call their fun to an end, I still needed to watch over them. The blinds needed to remain up, but I didn't want to turn on artificial lights. I lit a few candles... and a few more... When the boys finally came indoors, the house absolutely glowed ! Of course, the boys had to count them...we added 2 more to make 25, fragrant candles alight in our home. We settled in and watched, "E.T." as the boys drifted off into a lovely, peace-filled, sleep.
God never does the same thing twice....but see how He mimicked a candle flame inside of this tulip.

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