Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Is It? (pt.3)

Scottish thistle....this one was extra eager to jump into life. It's a bit early, so I don't know how things will go for cross-pollination, etc. Most folks seemed to think it was a cactus of some sort.
Life is like that. Sometimes we see only the thorns and fear to go any further, when in fact, wonderful things may be found. Other times, we can feel on the verge of something big and want to jump right in. Spontaneity is great, but we have to look at the consequences, and the timing. We have to take very seriously how other people could be effected by our decisions. Ultimately, the only way for any major decision is to seek God's guidance. Sometimes we may think we have all of the information we need, when in fact, there is much more out there that never entered our thoughts. I make my requests known to God but always ask for His will to be done. That way, he who has the big picture in mind, can open or close doors as I need them.

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