Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Creatures at Nightfall

Sitting lakeside in the forest at nightfall can take some getting used to. Sitting still and quiet, the leaves on the forest floor seemingly come to life, as toads and frogs wake and make their way to the lake. To sit still, long enough, means they may hop and wait, hop and wait, RIGHT next to you!

I have heard that one should do something new &/or scary once a day. My first night at the beach, I headed out well over a mile from civilization. I discovered that the various, "Ghost Crabs" freeze when faced with a light. This guy reminds me of a kitten with his little "paws" tucked under him. When I turned off the light and sat still, the shells seemed to come alive with the skittering of these little fellows. Amazing how the beach could remind me of my forest home.

In capturing the above shot, I did a face plant with my telescoping lens, right into moist sand. The little Canon held up through the next morning, then suddenly seized. Having been shelved for the last 2 years, the HP just doesn't cut it anymore...I have a new "baby" on the way.....and I am very excited!

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