Sunday, May 10, 2009

My "Cross to Bear"

So many choose a rushed and hectic lifestyle. We take it for granted that if we can just get IN bed, we will get proper rest. This is not true for 50-70 million Americans who suffer with one or more sleep disorders. People think we are lazy, complainers, spacy, &/ or slackers. We have unexplained bruises at furniture level, suffer depression, drag our feet, and are prone to illness. It doesn't matter how much or how little sleep we get, we don't get quality sleep. Without the right kind of sleep, it is as if we had never slept at all. My husband says that I, "flop around like a fish on a pier." I awake in the morning with legs that ache as though I had been climbing stairs all through the night. My arms, and often my entire body feel weighted....and I start my day.....
I am not saying all of this to complain, but to explain. Perhaps you know someone like I described. (Have them look into a sleep study.) It is my hope that you will literally thank God upon waking feeling rested, restored, and renewed. Tom always adds to his prayers, "Thank you for our blessings known and unknown"...I hope you will pause to be grateful for proper rest.

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