Monday, May 18, 2009

My Girl

Do you recall the sound the Wraiths make in "Lord of the Rings" ? It is this bone-chilling screech that you feel to your innermost being. Sunday morning, I went out on the deck and heard just that other way to describe it. I looked up and flying low, was my girl...for 3 years she nested behind our house at eye-level. next, she moved betseen our home and London's school. I always know it is her because of the missing feather. For all those years, no matter where she has lived, she has always enjoyed her mid-day hunt behind my classroom.....
Anyway, Sunday morning, I heard her make that very sound the Wraiths made...She was flying low and being harassed by a crow. They made a couple of very low passes, all the while her screaming....They circled off and all was quiet, but it was a bit unsettling.

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