Friday, May 22, 2009

Job Hazards & Crack Cream

My hands get so nasty from being washed so much. They give my auntie fits! I wash and wash and wash. They get so dried out, they split open and bleed. Zim's Crack lie... is DA BOMB to heal / prevent this. Paint gets caked into the dry cracks. This picture is from a month or so ago. A few weeks ago, they were caked with white earthenware, it is papier mache'...we are making pinatas, masks and Daruma san, goal-setting dolls. FUN ! FUN !!!!
Today, we start glazing. Time for my end of the year mantra, "Load the kiln, fire the kiln, unload the kiln, load the kiln, fire....." It is so awesome to see the kids' faces when they get their pottery back!! "Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, Shiny". It is truly magical!!! One of the BEST parts of my "job" !!!!

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