Sunday, May 24, 2009

Peony: A Unique Look

This image just puts me over the top ! I think it is so beautiful ! I find it very comforting. The lines create great movement throughout the composition. The varied hues create a sense of subtle depth, which leads the eye into the image. I turned this one every angle and kept coming back to the one as it was shot. There is a certain tension in it. I especially like the angled lines against the softness of the form, particularly in the second petal down. There is something unsettling about how the composition and the frame meet, which adds to the juxtaposed effect. (BTW< I took this leaning over,completely upside down).
On the "Day of Firsts" post (April 2), I put up 2 pictures of an iris. Nearly everyone prefers the I posted it. I prefer the latter one. I would be interested in your comments on that one as well as on this one. Also, let me know if you, "just don't get it" (for either one)...I would be very interested to know that.

Here is the image turned 90 degrees...It is somehow reminiscent of The Venus de Milo, or perhaps angel wings. There is a subtle sexuality to it like this.

Here is a wider shot, to help put it in perspective and enable you to understand the subject.

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