Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seashells as Metaphor

Both of these compositions are as I found them..."Still-Life by God".
I like the whole notion of shells as metaphors for life, forgiveness, and faith. Collecting shells is seasonal in that, specific shells are more likely to be found at particular times of the year. Spring-time brings a lot of the same shells in different sizes. I think it is awesome that this comes at the time of year when we remember Christ shedding His blood and giving up His body, so that we might have new life in a new, spiritual body.
Tom and I "escaped from D.C." 11 years ago and have certainly put on new "shells". We are now homeowners, lake / forest dwellers; grandparents, "older parents" of a young boy, dog and rabbit owners, have a get the idea. We have lost friends and family through death and circumstance, and gained new ones as well.There have been even more dramatic changes in our inner selves.

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