Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Light From Within

I love how God lit these tulips from above and within! He does that for me, as well. A favorite quote of mine is, "He knows our needs even before we ask". This morning, I was thinking (not praying) about finding the perfect quotation...I love quotes, so choosing only one is quite a challenge. I picked up a devotional and headed outside. My eyes fell on a quote that I underlined a month ago: "Today, follow the Lord's will for your life and be ready to be surprised by His presence". (Lee A. Morris). How perfect !...and God brought it to my attention twice: a month ago, when I underlined it and this morning, when I picked up an old issue.
Prayer (or requests not yet made) don't always come that quickly. We usually have to be much more patient. "His time is not ours". When I was a child, I started regularly praying for patience. Many, many years later, when I taught preschool, parents would comment on how patient I was....It took me that long to realize how God had answered those prayers. Now that I am in middle school, patience is definitely required...and often. Patience IS something we can practice...in traffic, the grocery store....waiting for the perfect shot....It is to our benefit to learn patience. Not only is it a fruit of the Spirit, life becomes easier when we practice patience regularly.

To get these shots required a lot of patience.
This was an extremely windy, cumulus cloud-filled gorgeous morning. These elements made for amazing lighting, but it came in momentary glimpses. I stood for ages in my neighbor's front yard and took shot after shot. Truthfully, I wasn't really pleased with the end products, but I love the notion, symbolism and not to mention, I had invested quite a bit of time in the attempt to catch a suitable image. It was like shooting wildlife, lens to eye, finger on shutter and wait for the second the image comes in. Hard to capture the precise composition, particularly zoomed in this close and in a thrashing wind.

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