Saturday, May 9, 2009

Please Don't Call Me "Religious"

Please don't call me "religious"...Religious people are the ones who crucified Christ. They continue to crucify Him today.
Folks in Jesus' time had gotten so caught up in the "Shalt nots" that they failed to love one another. That is why God sent Jesus, His Son. The vast majority of non-believing people I have met, were "raised Christian", and yet they do not know Christ. They have been so brain-washed by judgementalism that they do not know who Christ really was and IS.
If you want to get to know the REAL Jesus: who He was and is, why He came and what He is all about, PLEASE FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. Start with the Book of John. If you want a quick biography, read the Book of Mark. John, Jesus' "beloved disciple" gives us a great understanding of who Christ really was.....Jesus hung out with sinners...prostitutes, thieves, working class stiffs....people on the edge & over the edge. Jesus spent most of his time talking about love and hope, putting others first, about forgiveness and new beginnings.....
What is your image of Christ? How do you represent Him? Do your daily words and actions align with your faith? Are you "religious"?

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