Monday, May 25, 2009

The Greatest Generation

On this day of remembrance, I would like to brag on my folks. In January of 1945, my dad was about to ship out to the pacific theater of war. Young kids in love, they didn't know if they would see each other again and were married. (After 64 years, Momma always likes to say, "Well...we think it's going to work out after all". They are still awe-inspiringly in love!)
After the war, the GI Bill enabled Daddy to finish school. His was a generation of engineers that went from glass tubes to computer chips. They were an invaluable asset to the space program. Born "Depression Babies", they went on to attain the American Dream.They nurtured their faith and raised 3 children to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour. Theirs is a generation that worked and saved for everything they had and never borrowed against their future. They are honest, hard-working and trustworthy. They have strong moral values, character and integrity. I admire my folks and all that they and their peers stand for and tried to instill in their children.
My folks taught me to honor God, country and our veterans. They always esteem the sacrifices made by a generation of boys and men to preserve freedom. In addition to all our vets, today let us remember and honor the faith and values "the Greatest Generation" upheld. Let us honor them, by following in their example.
(Thanks for everything, Momma & Daddy! I love you, both!)

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