Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caring Enough To Confront

One of my brothers gave me that sage wisdom when I was in middle you care enough about someone to confront them or just let them go on as usual?....about too much eye-shadow, some character trait, some slight you feel towards or from get the idea.
I talk too much. I have been wrestling with this my entire life, but very intensely over the last couple of years. I chatter away incessantly when I am nervous & want to be liked or accepted. I talk too much when my sleep has been messed up. I cover depression by talking too much....I feel knotted up afterwards...& am always filled with questions I wanted to ask people about themselves....

A couple of years ago, a group of beloved people all but dropped me for reasons that over time, just didn't add up.....All sorts of things have run through my head. I guess, rather than talking to ME about it, they talked to each other about me... I recently learned that it was because I talk too much...Rather than confronting me & "hurting [my] feelings", those people chose to virtually step out of my life...Of course, that wasn't a conscious decision..."Indecision is a decision"...
Perhaps, they were put in my life to be God's voice & give me the answer I so earnestly prayed for..... In the long run, which would have been the kinder thing to do? How many friends & loved ones have I lost over this? Even as I was wrestling with it, myself....

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  1. If you talk too much, what about me? I think that many of us cover our nervousness or anxiety in different ways. I'll take talking too much over drinking too much any day! When I was a little girl my uncle once asked me, "Doesn't your tongue get tired?"
    It's difficult to confront people about things like this. Maybe your "friends" didn't have the courage, but a true friend would tell you what was bothering them. I think we get along great because when we're together, we never shut up. The husbands and kids are running amok and we're having a fine time gabbing away.

    Linda (cause I don't have a profile on any of the choices!)