Monday, August 24, 2009

The Choice of Love

My folks gave me these lilies at my request. They are, "something I wouldn't buy for myself" & were sent "all the way from Holland~~on a ship". I enjoyed weeks of anticipation. The great thing about a gift like this is that it is renewed every year. I remember things like that. I have been really into perennials this year as they are such a delight when they return.
I see so many people struggling with relationships, lately. My husband & I have been together since 1985, though we have known each other even longer. We laugh & play together, daily. As in any relationship, we haven't always been "in love"...The real secret to a long-lasting relationship is CHOICE. Every day, we have a choice to make it last or to call it quits. Most of the time, it is without a thought, but there have been times when each of us had to be very deliberate to choose to love one another. I believe THAT is the true secret of a fulfilling & long -lasting relationship.

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