Sunday, August 2, 2009

Steps of Change

There is a dense cloud cover this morning ~the feel of autumn breezes, even as I arose just passed 4. The clouds race by overhead. The miry thick air, is dense with anticipation. No breaks in the cloud masses can be seen anywhere on the horizon. Birds call & sing as I enjoy perhaps, my last dawn on these vacant steps. It is one place I pray for neighborhood issues. I will return to the pond-side bench, or the rock on the edge of my driveway...I've spent countless hours on these steps...praying for those who God would bring to this empty house.
Time has taught me the enormous difference one household can make in the dynamics of a neighborhood. Yes, I have spent many hours here, praying...only to have God lead the family of a co-worker ~ fellow-believers ~ here, to this obscure little piece of the city. Handing over my prayer steps will be a symbol of change & new life....a new beginning for the neighborhood, for friends, for the end of summer & the beginning of a new school year. They shall primarily be a symbol of promise & answered prayers & of God's working everything out for His Mighty purpose. I look over the strife of recent months, things I have shared with you in a vague, generalized sort of way...and I CAN see blessings. I have been blessed with new friends, & support...days together with folks who pitched in helped me, physically & in prayer.
As I face another birthday & a new school year, it really IS time for change. Throughout my life I have said, "I don't do change well". In my journal today, this verse was printed: " He hath made every thing beautiful in His time...." (Ecc. 3:11)...change IS a good thing.


  1. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!! I can't wait to meet your new neighbors! Hopefully they will make those their "prayer steps" too! When they move in - why not pray together on those steps!!! When two or more are gathered in my know the rest!!!

    Thank you for your continued prayers for us!


  2. Love the steps of change. What a word picture