Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking Closer

The saying goes that "some woman" thought kudzu was pretty and it was brought to this country for "erosion control". According to Mr. Cotton, up the street, it can grow three feet in a day.(he measured). It is next to impossible to get rid of. Our little forest beside us is being consumed, despite my husbands' efforts to the contrary.

Nancy Basket is a native American who has learned to capitalize on this free media. Her studio is made of baled & stuccoed kudzu. (Google her & see for yourself how amazing she is!). She taught me how to make paper & baskets out of kudzu. I have woven several baskets of this vine, in the last couple of weeks. Nancy Basket also makes soaps, candies, & jellies from it's flowers...

I have been meaning to write on "seeing what we choose to see". This morning, I think I shall just show a side of kudzu few look close enough to enjoy...the kudzu blossom. It's fragrance is that of grape soda bubbles and it really is a treasure. (I would, however prefer to keep my trees).

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