Thursday, August 27, 2009


When life's throes become too overwhelming, a good cry is often the best thing for me. More often than not, I just need to give it some time. That way I can gain perspective. It has taken me years to learn that lesson. I had to learn another lesson the hard way. Most people when they, "need to talk" really just need a good listener. I have been trained as a peer counselor as well as a rape companion/advocate. Most of my mental health training has hinged on a key concept: people have their own answers, they simply need a good listener to help them find their own way. People in difficult, vulnerable, or out of control circumstances aren't really helped by someone putting in their own thoughts... They need to take back control of their own lives. I am blessed to have married my best friend & confident, but I have not always known who I could best trust to lean on for support. I tended to be drawn towards those who would tell me what I wanted to hear, rather than those who would listen. A true friend...someone with my best interest at heart, will tell me what I need to hear. I suppose that comes back to the notion of caring enough to confront. I have seen people glob on to folks in need & try to impose their own viewpoint....& it leaves me wondering what their real motive may be.....It is a hard, hard road to watch others go through this.

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